PT Sasa Inti Wins an Award at the Digital Marketing Champions 2020

2020 might not be the best year for some of us, some took it as a challenge, and some gave it all up, but giving up is certainly not what we value in our beloved company, as we continue to take the challenge and strive for the opportunity that rise because we believe that in every crisis there must be an opportunity.

Through all the struggles within this year, our digital team has successfully proved that innovation and creation will not be slow down because of the crisis. Still, it is an opportunity for our company to explore more and creating something new that brings a new form of happiness during a difficult time. 

We dare took the leap and, here we are, given the highest appreciation as “The Top 3 Future Digital Marketing Champion 2020” by SWA Indonesia.

Also, a massive appreciation to Adlin Noor Syarif and Jacqueline Angsono for the back to back digital awards as we close the impossible year.

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