A petition to obtain 1 million vote for a Healthier Indonesia with Sasa’s Vitamin-Fortified Seasoned Flour


Sasa’s vitamin-fortified seasoned flour invites every Indonesian to participate in a petition to obtain 1 million vote for a healthier Indonesia. This petition is part of a movement to support “Golden Indonesia 2045” to end malnutrition in Indonesia.


Sasa is taking the role to educate the society in the importance of producing and choosing a nutritious ingredient to the food we consume, for example by using Sasa’s vitamin-fortified seasoned flour that contains vitamins and minerals that are good for our health. With Sasa Platinum Care+ technology, it maintains the vitamin and mineral content even after the frying process. Of course, the results are healthier.


Together let’s transform a healthier Indonesia by showing your support at www.gerakanindonesialebihsehat.com.
One vote from you is beneficial to the movement as it will automatically help Sasa’s multimillion rupiah donation in the realization of a healthier Indonesia.

One vote for a better change? #ApaSihYangGaBisa

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