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Gone Viral! Uncle Roger's Unique Take on Egg Fried Rice

There is a recent phenomenon in the culinary world that has gone viral, SasaGang. This phenomenon is none other than Uncle Roger's review on the egg fried rice prepared by the world-renowned chef, Jamie Oliver. It has become so viral that the reaction video titled “Uncle Roger DISGUSTED by this Egg Fried Rice Video” has been viewed more than 17 million times on YouTube, SasaGang!

It is no wonder that Uncle Roger has gone viral, huh? Let’s find out his eccentric commentary style on Jamie’s egg fried rice!

Who is Uncle Roger?

As we delve deeper, Uncle Roger is a persona created and performed by a Malaysian YouTuber/comedian, whose real name is Nigel Ng. Uncle Roger currently lives in London, England. The content he creates has propelled him to idol status by netizens from Asia and in the UK too, SasaGang!

With his unique, funny, but critical style, Uncle Roger commented on the video of how to make a proper egg fried rice. As an Asian man, Uncle Roger has his own strong opinions on Jamie Oliver’s egg fried rice, which according to him, is flat out wrong. In essence, it is not the Asian way of cooking it!

In the viral video, Uncle Roger commented on the egg fried rice recipe using his distinctly thick English Malay accent. Watch the video, it will leave you laughing in tears! The comments he provided seemed straightforward and harmless, yet sharp and critical on how to cook the proper Asian-style fried rice correctly.

Uncle Roger's Egg Fried Rice Review

The majority of Asians, including Indonesians, really enjoy fried rice. In Indonesia, cooking egg fried rice is simple. You can cook it by adding cooking oil to a frying pan, and sauté ground spices such as garlic and shallots. Then you add rice, soy sauce, chili sauce and sweet soy sauce. Mix well and stir constantly until cooked. Hmm... sounds appetizing right?

Well, the way to make fried rice commonly found in Asia, including Indonesia, is actually far different from the version of world-renowned chef Jamie Oliver’s method. This is what shocked Uncle Roger and led him to provide critical feedback, which he believes is completely wrong and ultimately less tasty!

Here are some highlights of Uncle Roger's egg fried rice review:

1. Jamie Oliver’s Fried Rice Review

In the video titled “Uncle Roger DISGUSTED by this Egg Fried Rice Video”, Uncle Roger gives his opinion to Jamie Oliver on how to make fried rice, SasaGang. Even at the start of the video, Uncle Roger already comments on Jamie Oliver for using a non-stick pan. According to him, fried rice should be cooked in a large sized wok. The term we use in Indonesia is ‘wajan’ right, SasaGang? Hehe.

“Jamie, where's your wok? You must use a wok for the egg fried rice to make it taste better,” said Uncle Roger. After that, Jamie poured 1 tablespoon of olive oil into the pan. Again, Uncle Roger was bewildered. According to him, no one uses olive oil when making fried rice! Believe it or not, Jamie’s choice of rice caught Uncle Roger off guard, SasaGang.

According to him, the rice was too moist and not suitable for fried rice. In fact, the seasoning is also wrong, SasaGang! Jamie does not use MSG in his fried rice, even though it can make it substantially tastier, which disappoints Uncle Roger. “Uncle does not like Jamie's recipe. No wok, no garlic, rice too moist, no MSG, it's all wrong!”, is what Uncle Roger concludes at the end of the video.

2. Gordon Ramsay’s Fried Rice Review

After being disappointed with the video on how to make fried rice by British chef Jamie Oliver, now Uncle Roger comments on another egg fried rice tutorial video by the well-known professional chef Gordon Ramsay. Hmm, a little different from Jamie, this time Uncle Roger actually has a positive view of Gordon Ramsay's take on fried rice. He was praised in the first step for using the right type of rice and grated galangal.

On top of that, Uncle Roger also praises Ramsay for using cooking oil instead of olive oil—unlike Jamie Oliver! He was also impressed by the way the eggs were evenly mixed, like scrambled eggs. In the video, Ramsay also adds chili sauce made of red chili and MSG, then stirs it until it is evenly mixed. "That's how you make delicious fried rice like Asians," said Uncle Roger.

So SasaGang, that pretty much wraps up Uncle Roger’s style that made him go viral. It is true that there is a major difference between Jamie Oliver’s version of fried rice and the generally ‘acceptable’ method of cooking fried rice in Indonesia. However, all of this makes us want to eat fried rice now! Hehe.

As for you, SasaGang, what’s your take on Uncle Rogers’ egg fried rice review videos?

Let’s watch the full videos linked below!

 - video 1:

- video 2:

- video 3:

- video 4:

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