PT Sasa Inti Receives Three Top CSR Awards 2021 at Once

Recently, PT Sasa Inti received three TOP CSR Awards 2021 organized by TopBusiness on April 22, 2021.

The first TOP CSR Awards 2021 was given to PT Sasa Inti for our commitment to CSR programs that have been implemented so far. The second award was given to Dr. Rudolf Tjandra as CEO of PT Sasa Inti as Top Leader on CSR Commitment 2021. And in closing, PT Sasa Inti received the Product Innovation Program Award for the first Fortified Seasoned Flour in Indonesia that supports the movement for a healthier Indonesia.

The awards that have been received makes us feel proud. We believes that sharing goodness with the community is an obligation and makes life better. We will continue to carry out these activities to support the existing good and show concern for others and the environment.





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